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My Compass 3D

This blog site is dedicated to intellectual minds who seek to find logical reasoning about life.The meaning of life is hidden behind knowledge, critical thinking, good philosophical skills, dedication to search, read, understand, and interpret huge amounts of information. Proper understanding leads to connection of pieces of the most complex puzzle of the human race.

Here I explain fundamentals of physics, chemistry and biology as they are taught in university. Then I will show you how is it that science does provide clear evidence about the existence of spiritual life and other universes. I will show you why the fundamental atomic theory is a map of the network of universes. I will then show you how this matches antique religious believes in Kabalah, Induism, Buddhism, and Christianism.

This site is built from simple to complex. There will be a map here soon to guide you through. The site is constantly under construction, so that I apologize for any inconvenient, reading or grammatical errors. An editor friend of mine is on the way to help with editing.

Here is a summary of some of the pages. Look at them in this order, so you don’t get lost:

  1. What is Life? Offers a quick and basic analogy between the orbit of the electron in an atom and the orbit of a human being around the center of the earth called the human-electron analogy.
  2. Philosophical Needs in Physics: Exposes modern requirement of new ideas to clarify unknowns in physics.
  3. Critical Thinking in the Philosophy of Physics: Proposes a new interpretation of fundamental knowledge in quantum mechanics.
  4. Scrambling the Duality in Matter: A technical explanation of how to further play with a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics to explain the origins of strange unknowns such as the identity of time.
  5. Expansion of the Matrix or Ether Idea: A concept that supports and revives the antique philosophical ether or fabric of the universe.
  6. Making Sense: Presents an argument that all matter of the universe is made by distorted parts from God and that life and reality are happening inside of God.
  7. The Newly-Proposed 4th Law of Thermodynamics: A call to incorporate in the laws of thermodynamic one new law that explicitly states a concept ubiquitous throughout all science fields. This leads to a revision to the concepts of traveling in time and the theory of the parallel universes.
  8. Science and Spiritual Life: Bullet points of speculations about human life from applying philosophy of chemistry through the human-electron analogy.
  9. Quick Info About a Hidden Variable: A summary of the proposal of the existence of “independent” universes analogous to the orbitals of the electron in the atom.
  10. The Awful Denial of Consciousness in Physics: An on-going work based on claims that some physicists in the 50’s and 60’s tried to represent human kind as automated machines without freedom of choice.

Thanks for the Interest. j.v.

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