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de facto CHEM is published by the HVB Research Foundation. P.O. Box 13150, El Paso, Texas, 79913.

Author & Webmaster: Jimmy Vigo, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

MISSION: de facto CHEM and the HVB Research Foundation are committed to the investigation and dissemination of information about the origins of life and the universe. The foundation has published scientific information previously. This institution is seeking to become legally inscribed. The foundation is opened to accept donations in the forms of economical, literature and instrumental. Please send any donation to: The HVB Research Foundation. P.O. Box 13150, El Paso, Texas, 79913.


Utep Logo 2DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.) in Science. 2006. Dissertation on In-Vivo Biological Toxicity of Arsenic (As): Tolerance of C57BL/6J Mice to Arsenic Toxicity. University of Texas at El Paso. Successfully defended in the fall of 2006 under the supervision of Joanne T. Ellzey, Ph.D., professor, UTEP Biological Sciences Department. Full Scholarship.  Z5055.U5 T483 no. 285 DISK. THIS DISSERTATION IS CURRENTLY BEING TRANSFERRED TO MAIN STACK AT UTEP LIBRARY AND WILL BE ASSIGNED A NEW CALL NUMBER. Last updated October 17, 2014.

Peer-reviewed Publication: Arsenic-induced Hepatic Steatosis in Lean C57BL/6J Mice. Academic Publication. Jaime Vigo, Ph.D., Joanne Ellzey, Ph.D., Thomas Baker, M.D., Julia Bader, Ph.D., & Thomas Oliver, M.D. 2007. Texas Journal of Microscopy. 38(2), 117-124. i-Link:

Peer-reviewed Publication: Effects of Arsenic Toxicity at the Cellular Level: A Review. Academic Publication. Jaime Vigo, M.S. & Joanne Ellzey, Ph.D. 2006. Texas Journal of Microscopy. 37(2), 45-49.

Utep Logo 2MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.S.). 1996. Thesis on structure and magnetism of organic crystals of copper (Cu). Singlet-Triplet Splitting in Copper (II) Dinuclear Complexes. Quantum magnetism and x-ray crystallography molecular structure. University of Texas at El Paso. Successfully defended in the Spring of 1996 under the supervision of Leonard W. ter Haar, Ph.D., Tenure-track professor, UTEP Department of Chemistry. QD 2998.V54 1996.


Sagrado Corazon LogoBACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.S.). 1991. Chemistry.


Epcc LogoCHEMISTRY PROFESSOR: El Paso Community College, El Paso, Texas. USA. Over 10 years of experience in general, organic and health science chemistry.


HVB LogoPRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (P.I.): The HVB Research Foundation. P.O. Box 13150, El Paso, TX. 79913. Peer-reviewed Publication: The Theory of the Hidden Variable Behind: The Quantization of Duality. Applied Physics Research. Volume 4, Number 2, May 2012.

Book Publication: Reckless Speculations & Twisted Thoughts. An in-press book that takes the reader over scientific fundamentals and the critical thinking re-interpretation that leads to a clear understanding of the meaning of life, the existence of souls in human beings, the eternal presence of a superior mind and the existence of other universes. El Paso Book Publishers.


Colegio Quimicos LogoProfessional Chemist: Department of State license number 3747 to operate as a chemist in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, issued in March 18, 1997 by the Secretaría Auxiliar de Juntas Examinadoras, Junta Examinadora de Quimicos, Calle Rafael Cordero # 154 Oficina Número 500, Viejo San Juan, San Juan, PR, 00902-3271.


Sigma Xi Logo Honorific Affiliation: Member of Sigma-Xi, the Scientific Research Society. University of Texas at El Paso Chapter Affiliation. Member number: 20061940007.


ACS LogoProfessional Affiliation: Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Member number 01786460.


USC LogoEx-Alumno Universidad del Sagrado Coarazon, Santurce. Puerto Rico. USA.


UtepALUMNI The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). El Paso, TEXAS. GO MINERS!



I started my questioning journey when I was of very young age. I grew up with a very close and significant friend who used to participate with me in debates about deep logical arguments about the origins of the universe. I went  to the university for 15 years and was able to get my Ph.D., Masters and Bachelor degrees in the science field. It was not easy, but I managed to have full scholarship for my Ph.D. During my undergraduate time, I majored chemistry and was a freak of math together with another friend who used to compete with me at the library solving calculus problems. During graduate school, I worked with magnetic materials and their quantum mechanics. For doctoral school I decided to go to biology, which produced for me a dissertation in cellular toxicity. When I finished, I went to teach college chemistry until the present time. During my spare time, I started having fun with the physics of particles and waves. My self-motivation led me to have a very ample view of the science field from the low levels of physics, through the laws of chemistry, to the life as explained in biology. With this view, I created a theory that explains life logically and that incidentally happens to agree with religious doctrines. This is when I started to argue that science and religion are not in conflict as has been depicted in the history of the human race mostly by figures that have no expertise in any of those fields.

A few years ago I created a foundation to support a publication that I produced about philosophy of physics, much of the work appears re-published here broken down into separate topics. The full technical article can be downloaded here:

Journal Reference Link:

In my work I dedicated much effort to go back into the original publications of fundamental physics, particularly the theory of the electromagnetic field as originally presented by Maxwell in the 1800’s. My work is the product of many variables, but in particular, it is  the result of the will to clarify my own confusions about the existence of God, myself, and the rest of the universe. I feel very obligated as a professional to offer some clarity about what science really says about the most fundamental building blocks of life. I also feel enraged about how science appears to be underestimated and misinterpreted in the media by people who do not have credentials. I grew tired with the non-ending debates that pretend to put in contrast things that really are not in conflict, feeding the continuation of doubts and ignorance, never finding clarifications or new information, like the disconnected, fragmented, and unfounded claims of radical atheism: If you can claim that you are intelligent, and that nature gave you that intelligence, then you cannot deny that there is intelligence in nature; that would be a paradox. Therefore, there must be an intelligent superior being who originated everything. When I realized this, I decided to try to find answers by myself by putting all my knowledge and intellect to work. It is time for the human race to make sense of the meaning of life from the knowledge that we have accumulated through history: We must figure out where we come from and, very importantly, where will we go after death!


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