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End of Times Prophesy: Nostradamus


List of Some Highlighted Quotes

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  1. Nostradamus considered the existence of three antichrists: First Napoleon, second Hitler[II.24], third the End Times antichrist. The End Times antichrist was supposed to “descend upon us all in the late 1980’s”.
  2. Louis Pasteur, the founder of modern medicine, “was directly described by name and indirectly described by date”[I.25].
  3. Authentication of showers of (milk), blood and frogs[II.32]. Sutton Park, Birmingham, England (1954): People sheltered by umbrellas were bombarded by hundreds of little frogs that rained from the sky, in which no frog appeared to be full-grown or tadpole. Arkansas, U.S.A. (Jan 2, 1983): Golfers witnessed a rain of thousands of frogs about the size of nickels. Brazil (Aug 27, 1968): “Showers of blood and scraps of meat fell from 5-7 min over an area of 1km2 between Cocpava and São Jose dos Campos[II.32]. Flesh was determined to be human originated from unknown source.
  4. “A country in the Northern Hemisphere will be bombarded suddenly at dawn”[I.91]. “Nostradamus states that although America will finally be victorious, it may suffer the greatest destruction”[I.92].
  5. Century II quatrain 19 (i.e., II.19): Talks about newcomers living in pleasure, famine, plague, and war. It offers an interesting resemblance with the prophecy of Israel and the 7 years of pact with the End Times antichrist, as interpreted from Ezequiel 38:11.
  6. Prince Charles from Britain may be “the last king on the English throne”[III.57].
  7. Reference that may refer to the “enormous sea power being built up by Russia at the present time” (i.e., 1985)[III.1].
  8. A union between Libya and France[III.27].
  9. “A possible specific description of President Nixon and the Watergate bandwagon”[X.76].
  10. Nostradamus had “a part of his heart lay with the kabala and the secret Hermetic tenets of Judaism”.
  11. Pope Pius XII was allied with Hitler by implying that “during the WWII Pius would aid Nazi war criminals to escape from Allied occupied Europe”[VI.49].
  12. “Both Nostradamus and Malachy state that there would only be 6 more Popes after Pius XII (2 March 1939 to 9 October 1958). Wikipedia has a rich background information about Pius XII at: The actual Pope Benedict XVI is number five after Pius XII. The chronological order is: 1) John XXIII (28 October 1958 to 3 June 1963), 2) Paul VI (21 June 1963 to 6 August 1978), 3) John Paul I (26 August 1978 to 28 September 1978), 4) John Paul II (16 October 1978 to 2 April 2005), 5) Benedict XVI (19 April 2005 to present).
  13. The Coat of Arms of Pope John XXIII, the leopard, was identified in VI.20.
  14. The suspicious circumstances of the death of Pope John Paul I one month after his election in the 1970’s[III.65]. Two extra quatrains that seem to refer a poisoning appear in IV.11 and X.12.
  15. A large comet named Iras Askari Alcock (which appears to be misspelled by the author from real name Iras-Araki-Alcock) and its association with the claim that war is nearer that we think[II.41, II.15].
  16. “A contemporary Pope is predicted to die either just outside Rome or possibly France if the word Ronse is not a misprint” in VIII.46. “At this time the two great allies (of V.78) are troubled and threatened by a dreadful and uncontrollable war”.
  17. Quatrain II.46 may “reinforce the link between a comet, the outbreak of the WWIII and the inevitable advent of the third antichrist”. Reference about war toward the end of the century linked with the appearance of a comet.
  18. Nostradamus thought that “by the time of the appearance of the Halley comet, mankind will have gone too far along the path of disaster to help itself. Global catastrophe will then be inevitable”.
  19. December 16, 1986 was suggested as the date in which the third antichrist was supposed to make his first appearance, which turns out to be about 30 years after his birth date.
  20. A very interesting quatrain about Popes that is worth to be re-written from its English translation, V.56:

After the death of a very old Pope, will be elected one to Rome of good age. It will be said of him that he weakens the [Holy] seat, but he will cling to it with long and stinging effort.

The reference “old Pope” was associated with John Paul II by 1985. As an effort to provide an intellectual guess in 1985, the author added that “According to Malachy the next Pope shall be one characterized by the word “Olivarius”, of the olive branch, a word that for Nostradamus contemporaries would have meant a Benedictine monk”. Strikingly, the current Pope (# 265th), elected in 2005, was proclaimed Benedict XVI (Wikipedia Reference: Latin: Benedictus PP. XVI; Italian: Benedetto XVI; born as Joseph Alois Ratzinger on April 16, 1927 in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany). (Is 78 a “good age”?)

  1. The indication that “there will be two main candidates for the papacy, one Spanish and one French, when the Church is going badly, “trembling Ship”. The French candidate may attempt to be, or even be, elected, and will try to effect a compromise with Communism, with remarkably little success”[V.49].
  2. “Although the Vatican announced the so-called discovery of the true tomb of St. Peter some years ago, according to Nostradamus, this has not yet been found, and shall only happen when a great earthquake occurs sometime in the month of April”[VI.66].
  3. The situation in the Middle East during the 1980’s was envisaged as the possible trigger for WWIII.
  4. The “creature who will originate WWIII, the devastation of which is beyond even the prophet’s (Nostradamus) descriptive ability”[II.2, I.70, V.27, IX.73, V.86]. The prophesy mentions the “The overthrow of the Shah of Persiaa (exile and death in Egypt) by a man who would sit plotting against him in Paris; the man in white, the man of the White Turban, living in France, would return to inflict an era of cruelty upon Persia quite incomprehensible to the West. He in turn will then be removed from power by a mysterious figure designated only as “Perse”, the man of blue, the Persian”. This man was supposed to be in his thirties during 1985, “a man of consuming ambition, another Hitler, and one without whom the world would be a better place”. He is supposed to be related to two other un-identified men: Alus and Mabus, whose “intentions toward the world are wholeheartedly evil”. “Somehow these personalities may nurture and educate the antichrist”. (a:Wikipedia Reference: The Persian Empire was a series of historical empires that ruled over the Iranian plateau, the old Persian homeland, and beyond in Western Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Persian empire has become what we know today as Persia or more commonly, Iran). “It is not unreasonable to link the white leader with the Ayatollah Khomeini”. There are “two fascinating possibilities as to the name of the third antichrist of Nostradamus’ prophesies”; the names Mabus/Alus may be an anagram of his name, whose gift may be nuclear fallout[II.62]. The appearance of these personalities is associated with the appearance of the Halley comet, which came close to Earth during 1986 and will return in the year 2061.
  5. The “Ayatolla’s reign dissolves rather suddenly into a confused end, partly due to Russian interference, the oil crisis, and the final arrival on the scene of Perse. Russian influence is possibly indicated here, and posiibly Iraq.
  6. “The failure of the Islamic law could be related to the State of Israel at the end of the twentieth century, the century of the sun”[III.97].
  7. “The extraordinary change in Russian policies may be caused by the influence of Perse, or for fears of weapons build up, both in the East and the West”[III.95].
  8. Sometimes he (Nostradamus) seems certain that the U.S.S.R. will ally with the West against the Asian antichrist[VIII.59], for a period of three years and seven months, before they declare war (against each other)[IV.95, II.89].
  9. The apparent prediction of the events that occurred in New York city during September 11, 2001 appear in VI.97:

The sky will burn at 45 degrees. Fire approaches the great new city. Immediately huge, scattered flame leaps up. . .

The author in 1985 stated that “the state of New York lies between the 40th and 45th parallel in the U.S.A. Here is a staggering coincidence. The attack appears to be very widespread, covering both the state and the new city, and the scattered flame may well be that of a nuclear holocaust. Also, X.49 appeared to refer to NYC:

Garden of the world, near the new city, in the road of the hollow mountains. It will be seized and plunged in the tank, forced to drink water poisoned with sulphur.

The phrase “hollow mountains” was associated with skyscrapers. The word “tank” was translated from the word “Cuve”. It is worth to observe that what really brought down the Twin Towers were the thousands of gallons of jet fuel that the flights were carrying in their fuel tanks.

  1. “Mabus will soon die and then there will be dreadful destruction of people and animals. Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred to hand, thirst and hunger when the comet (Halley) will pass”[II.62].

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