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Expansion of the Matrix or Ether Idea


The tachyon-like matrix may be seen as the source from which superluminal matter has been slowed down to the speed of light (luminal) by localizing electromagnetic properties that allow building the fundamental particles of our human universe. The causation of the change from superluminal, or total delocalization, to luminal with attenuated degree of localization, is considered to be analogous to the Lorentz force associated to the electromagnetic force (McGraw-Hill, 1994). The driving force is associated to the concepts known as quantum coherence and decoherence, which are related to the natural ability and tendency of waves to get entangled to form conglomerates of localized energy.

The Big Bang in the HVB theory is a result of a gigantic initial energy loss from a delocalized state into a localized state of lower energy, in which slowed-down energy waves started getting fast and violently entangled into shapes and motions resembling a vortex or a storm or a black hole. This finds an analogy in the description of the formation of the universe presented by the ancient Greek philosophers in times before Christ. For example, translated from Spanish, in the atomic-materialism philosophy, Leucipo describes the formation of worlds from “the separation of the infinite, in which multiple bodies of all kinds of species and shapes, which united, produced a vortex, in which they push and touch themselves, and move around in all ways” (Fullat, 1986). It may appear that once the vortex was started, the initial entanglement may have grown in size by attracting more newly-distorted matter through increased electromagnetic force, then moving into a state of stability or equilibrium under the new set of conditions, with little or no net flow of newly-distorted matter to or from the matrix source. The effect may give the macro-impression of being a self-created and isolated system having no observable net exchange of mass and heat with an external source. This may be responsible for giving the macro impression of energy conservation as described by the first law of thermodynamics. The process may be considered as noisy, exothermic, spontaneous, and the originator of the positive entropy of our universe as described by the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the universal constant increase in disorder. Here, the initial loss of stability by the delocalized state is associated with going from a highly ordered state (higher stability) into one with increased disordered (lower stability). The theory contemplates the already-existing and not-well-understood suggestion that before the Big Bang all matter was ordered or compressed into a small point or dot of space. The HVB adds to the story that all the energy and mass of this universe were part of the originating matter, in which all electromagnetic energy appeared totally delocalized with zero charge and mass localization. Thus, the impression that cosmologists have about the compression or collapse of all the localized matter of the universe into a small dot of space is here complemented by a huge matrix universe where all the energy of the universe was originally delocalized. The HVB theory concludes that the formation of our universe is associated with an initial disorder in the matrix that gives rise to order on our universe, which in turns struggles to keep order because it lives under a condition of constant increased disorder. This implies that organizing objects in the universe goes against nature. Therefore it is logical to suspect that organizing something complex like the gene framework in DNA chromosomes that gives rise to life must have received a “non-natural” input of energy to reverse the disordering tendency. This energy may be associated with the delocalized energy of the tachyon-like matrix.

In summary, the HVB theory considers that our universe is made from distorted energy of the matrix capable of forming a “bubble” of solid matter that propagates at a slower speed indefinitely through the faster moving matrix. The model resembles a slow moving eddy on the surface of the rushing waters of the river. For the HVB theory, our universe is one eddy of the matrix. Therefore, the universe has a limited size and shape, perhaps curved because it started from a vortex of pre-localized energy of waves, which implies circular motion or internal rotation. This also implies that the universe must have an overall rotational angular momentum, mass, wavelength, and frequency most likely associated to the matrix where it comes from.

The HVB theory also utilizes the scientific fact that atoms are conglomerates of particles like quarks and electrons, and therefore are also waves, which vibrations are a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics calculations. This explains why the trigonometry sine wave function and its variations appear in the descriptions of the wavefunction of particles, and hence the description of atomic energy levels. Since our universe is made of atoms, therefore, because of the deBroglie relation, everything built from atoms, including humans, also vibrates through a very complex total summation or conglomerate of harmonic waves only “understood” through the mathematical procedure called Fourier transformation.

Humans can be seen as a complex well-organized arrangement of waves, a fact arising from the duality of the particles making humans. Humans live aware of the solid- localized energy of the universe, therefore, it should be logical to expect that whenever a quantum measurement is carried out, the best approximated measurement is the one coming from the localized energy. It should also be logical to expect that the wave nature of both the observing human and the instrumentation used to carry out the measurement may affect to certain extent the measurement of energy (Zinkernagel, 2011). An evidence to this and a confirmation to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle apparently comes from the double-slit experiment and the well-known problem of observer interference with the measurement of quantum states (Zinkernagel, 2011) in which the observation action of a human being and an instrument interferes with the natural state of the observed system. In the particular case of the light double-slit experiment the conclusion is that a photon behaves as a wave if it is not observed and as a particle if it is observed (Wolf, 1988). In my opinion, this is a consequence of everything in this universe being fundamentally made of energy waves, localized and delocalized. Indeed, the way in which atoms and sub-atomic particles are differed is by describing mathematically their vibrations. The total energy of an atom is a result of summing all the individual energies, such as electric, magnetic, kinetic, potential, etc. In atoms, the wavefunction is a sine-like mathematical equation that explains the electron vibrations based on quantum amendments to the concepts of the harmonic oscillator and the rigid rotor of classical physics (Levine, 1991). The model is based on the Newtonian oscillating pendulum motion, in which the energy of the allowed “curvy-like” vibrational oscillations is approximated through calculus operations. The wavefunction is really a representation of the infinite number of Planck-allowed energy values in which the particle can vibrate at different times. For example, under normal conditions (like 250 C temperature and 1 atmosphere of pressure), based on vibrations, each element of the periodic chart should have its own vibrational frequency or “signature” or “finger print”, so that atoms of the element hydrogen (1H), for example, can be distinguished from atoms of the element helium (2He), and so on.

Therefore, it should be expected that anything built of molecules, as a result of combining atoms, must have a unique vibrational fingerprint. This is very well exemplified by genes in which every living organism including yeast, bacteria, viruses, plants and animals, in theory have a unique DNA make up (genome). In the case of humans, for example, there are in general two classifications of genes. One set is related to “house-keeping”, which includes all genes common to all humans responsible for building a working human body. The other “unique” set is responsible for keeping every human different from any other human, therefore, assigning a unique individual genetic “fingerprint”. Since genes are made of polymers of nucleic acids (Campbell, 1997), and nucleic acids are made of atoms, and atoms are particles, and particles are delocalized/localized dual vibrational waves, therefore, the different atomic structure that makes unique individual DNA is also responsible for generating a unique “finger print” overall vibrational frequency. Furthermore, including the whole animal and plant kingdoms, every DNA-based living organism should be expected to generate its own unique vibrational frequency. This wave (or sound) can be said to be “alive” or musical, because the DNA is subject to constant unfolding to carry the processes of replication, transcription, and translation (Campbell, 1997). Therefore, living organisms may be differed from non-living objects because objects only have a “standing” overall vibrational wave as a consequence of placing the atoms at defined locations based on chemical and symmetry rules.

Since humans can be seen as a complex well-organized arrangement of localized waves conglomerated into dual particles following a set of instructions carried by the genes in the DNA chromosomes (Campbell, 1997), therefore humans must also be energy propagated through a medium, even if the medium is “empty” or vacuum. The HVB theory hypothesizes that the energy matrix is the medium in which the energy of our localized universe is being propagated. As in all waves, the matter of the medium just serves to displace the energy with little or no net displacement of its own matter resembling the domino effect. The HVB theory proposes that the instruction to localize matrix energy into DNA molecules belongs to the superluminal energy of the universe that is propagated through the matrix. Using as an analogy the traditional “moving” light that goes around the sign of a movie theatre, the light bulbs of the sign represents the medium of the matrix, whereas the energy that turns on and off the lights in an orderly fashion is what carries the instructions of our universe. Notice that the universe is not being manifested in the glass of the bulb, which represents the superluminal matter of the matrix medium. The model suggest that it rather lives in the action denoted by the quantum absorption of energy that electrons experience in the tungsten (74W) filament, the effect responsible for the emission of light that illuminates the light bulb. The universe is present in a certain area of the matrix, that is, in a light bulb, for as long as the light bulb is turned on. The electrical instruction that turns on and off is the analogous to the instruction responsible for the manifestation of the universe in the emitted light of the piece of tungsten filament made of localized matter.



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  2. alt230 says:

    “For example, under normal conditions (like 250 C temperature and 1 atmosphere of pressure), based on vibrations, each element of the periodic chart should have its own vibrational frequency or “signature” or “finger print”, so that atoms of the element hydrogen (1H), for example, can be distinguished from atoms of the element helium (2He), and so on.” Surely you meant, ..”does have its own vibrational frequency..” as in spectroscopy which as been in use since the late 18th C. (c.e.). Indeed human smell seems to based on the vibrational spectra of molecules and mimics IR spectra. If I understand the HVB theory as you’re presenting it, there must be multiverses or “Buddha worlds” of infinite number and dimensions. The original energy matrices can now be expected to accelerate as the expenditure of energy states converting to matter states multiplies geometrically which was recently confirmed by astronomers. Furthermore as humans and other beings realize the mathematics of the a priori big bang matrix the universe curves inward on itself and the matter accelerates to the point where it resumes energy states and ultimately the matrix at which point(s) the energy recreates the matrix and collapses space. Nice!


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