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Throughout human history philosophers and scientists have gone through deep thoughts and detailed experiments attempting to explain the natural phenomenon of life. The most outstanding proposals about the origins of matter, life, and human consciousness are very complex to comprehend. The main obstacle is the fact that the reasoning about origins requires collecting a huge amount of knowledge from across all fields of study to be able to create a logical story that can explain life beyond doubt (Richardson, 2003). One major obstacle is posed by modern physics, which appears unable to clarify fundamental concepts such as mass and time.

The hidden variable behind philosophy may be a consequence of humans appearing on earth after a very huge and unknown number of cascade-like effects that created this universe. Our conscious minds became aware of what we called “reality” after many processes were initially set and properly running in what we call the universe. Whenever scientists speculate that they have come to a final end of a story, it happens that in the future some other things cannot be explained and/or complicate the matter by opening new questions. A prominent physicist of the current 21st century has very recently suggested in a publication that the universe made itself and that it was not created by God (Gabbatt, 2010). Proposals of that sort appear to be more personal than scientific, perhaps generated from the illusive and blinding idea of reaching a state of absolute knowledge, perhaps proceeding as a result of ignoring the ever-present effect of discovery and re-discovery responsible for clarifying and opening new questions. In contrast, other scientists have postulated that there will always be a hidden variable that humans couldn’t measure, which would otherwise clarify some things and/or complicate others. It always appears that human scientific research never finds an absolute end, regardless of the target concept. This may be a consequence of humans being smaller than the entire system, so that the ability to comprehend the system becomes greatly impaired.

New discovery of hidden variables is evidence that our minds became aware of reality after certain fundamental settings were in place. This may imply that we may need to de-construct so much to be able to observe the true initial origin of life, a process similar to reversing the cascade effect that continues to occur after the Big Bang. A few very important questions are: 1) are we capable of discovering all processes that cascaded through evolution giving rise to us and our reality? 2) At which point of the cascade we became conscious? 3) What if many of those cascading processes are so subtle that are close to impossible to be detected by our instruments or conscious minds? 4) Could it be possible that at this level of subtleness is where an outside intelligence (like who we call God, for example) truly operates through mechanisms similar to the butterfly effect?

Even in the case of collecting truly representative data that best approximates the answers to these questions, there is a possibility of failing to explain life correctly. An example is chaos theory, which leads into a false conclusion, even from the mental illusion of never-ending amounts of knowledge. We also have to realize that all human thoughts and experiments are subject to the increased disorder posed by positive entropy. From natural rules, I can infer that if an individual does not supply the right amount of energy needed to organize thoughts into clarity, then the individual is supposed to finish disordered and confused. Therefore, it could be concluded that it is naturally easier to get confused than clarified. In other words, getting clarified and organized requires negative entropy, which is a process that goes against the flow of nature, and hence requires spending more energy perhaps expressed in the form of knowledge, effort and dedication. From the HVB point of view, we may say that extreme thoughts such as the atheist denial of the existence of an intelligent mind are consequence of following the natural flow of positive entropy, in which the individual continues to be more confused than clarified.

The philosophy of science should be based on speculation and re-consideration of “well-established” fundaments. Perhaps the most remarkable contribution to the HVB theory is the proposal of the quantization of duality resulting from the attenuation of the degree of delocalized and localized energy allocated in a waveparticle. In summary, we may conclude that there are three main categories or entities: 1) the physical body composed of solid localized energy. 2) The “spiritual” body, composed of a subtle delocalized energy. 3) The rest of the universe, which as far as humans know, consists only of physical and chemical reactions and equilibriums. The physical body and the rest of the universe are made from the slowed-down particles of the superluminal matrix. Solid particles are formed because the matrix matter becomes distorted/disturbed/bent from its normal state by a set of instructions that encode one way in which it can be slowed-down and distorted. For our universe, we may say that the Planck constant that regulates particle behavior is itself one quantum number belonging to a mode in which matrix matter can be distorted, see Figure 2. The different modes of distortion represent the several ways or levels of disorder, and thus accounting for a quantization of entropy, which would determine the allowed and forbidden distortions, see Figure 2. This introduces the idea that there could be universes in which entropy is reversed or negative, so that everything, by nature, would have a constant tendency to get ordered. In my opinion, based on this concept, perfection may be defined as the eternal ability and tendency of a system to get ordered.

The matrix matter can be bent in different modes perhaps by instructions or programs written in an electromagnetic-kind of language that tells how to change certain properties that controls its behavior. Just like genes, which encode instructions for life, there may be an analogous electromagnetic entity that encodes the instructions for any particular distortion. I propose the name matrixenes: gene-like superluminal electromagnetic instructions carried by delocalized energy that encodes how to re-build the universe every time it propagates through the matrix from point A to point B along its eternal accelerated expansion.

Notice the fact that, if humans and the entire universe are made of localized matter from the matrix, represented as waves of a slower-moving eddy in the faster-moving river, or as the light that illuminates a bulb in the theater sign, then they both are subject of being re-built or replaced by distorting the matter of the matrix present at the particular point A or B. This implies that every time the universe propagates in its eternal expansion, it needs to be constantly replaced by different matrix matter, with the condition of rebuilding it with an increased degree of disorder. This concept is analogous to the biological fact that humans and all living organisms are constantly replacing the cells of the body, with the condition of becoming older. The replacement mechanism may operate at a time and error scale that our human brains cannot detect. An analogy is the failure of our brains to capture the divisions between frames in moving pictures. In this way, the HVB theory suggests that the real human essence is more associated with the “spiritual” subtle delocalized superluminal energy being propagated and replaced rather than with the solid localized matter that the matrix lends us to house our “spirit”. The replacement concept can be also used to argue against the theoretical traveling in time. Notice that if energy use is minimized, then we can assume that there is one set of instructions needed to rebuild the universe at a point in the matrix. This means that when the universe propagates from point A, to point B, to point C, and so on, the instruction has been initially moved to point B from point A, so that there is no instruction left over in point A to leave a permanent copy of the solid universe as it was. Likewise, there is no solid universe ahead in point C because the instructions of making the solid universe are still in point B. In conclusion, as stated before, there is no traveling in time because the only solid universe is the one in the present time.

In genes the force that drives the instructions is the electromagnetic force, which allows atoms and other particles to interact dynamically by nature in a particular way, consequence of the particular set of instructions. The electromagnetic force is considered natural/intrinsic, and thus, a property that depends on changes in the original instruction or program. What we perceive as “reality” is a result of the initial instructions that change the properties of the particles of the matrix, and thus the way that they behave. You can change “reality” by changing the instructions of the program that bends matrix matter to a Planck-like quantum value representing a fundamental instruction of a different universe. In other words, the matter of the matrix can be controlled/manipulated/distorted/bent, perhaps at will, to take a particular shape, whether the intention is for good or for evil. One may require higher effort than the other. I’m afraid that the option “for good” is the hardest. It may be true that it is easier to distort “for evil” than distort “for good”. Perhaps the best option is distort not at all because distorting involves instability and greater disorder within the built system. We may speculate about why and how human energy became localized into an eddy or light-bulb-like form of universe slowly moving in a matrix of rushing waters or fast flicking of the on/off electricity switch. One aspect is for sure, we may all be physically made from localized energy of matrix matter but our true reality may still mysteriously be within the laws of superluminal physics, which go beyond our current understanding. My conclusive philosophical quote is that if the matrix is God, then we are all made from parts of God living in a universe inside of God. Since the matter of God has been distorted to allow us to live the way we do, then what we perceive as reality is not really the reality.


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