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Quick Info About a Hidden Variable


This is the theoretical proposal of a new quantum field that attenuates the duality in matter to generate different states of x% localized and y% delocalized energy in particles and waves (quanta). The effect is achieved by controlling the amount of localized and delocalized electromagnetic energy to allow for unique intrinsic properties like mass (m), charge (q), spin (s), wavelength (λ), and frequency (ν). The Big Bang is hypothesized to be the origin of duality from a previous non-dual state having its electromagnetic energy 100% delocalized and 0% localized. Heavy particles have higher degree of localized solid energy than delocalized into wave-like form, and thus, time and dark matter can be seen as quanta with greater energy delocalized than localized as compared to light, protons, electrons and neutrons. Further attenuation of the relative orientation of the electric and magnetic fields with respect to each other from positive orientation (900) to negative (-900) yields two distinct states of particles and antiparticles. The effect is analogous to parity or symmetry violation in sub-atomic particles and mirror image chirality in hydrocarbons. Duality manipulation leads to the extrapolation of the fundamental pendulum motion of the atomic harmonic oscillator from the micro to the macro scale to predict the existence of “independent” universes analogous to the atomic orbitals s, p, d, f, in which our 3D universe is analogous to the atomic 3D p-orbital. Each universe is represented by a unique vibrational frequency of energy propagating on a matrix or ether like a domino effect. The proposal of the 4th law of thermodynamics “energy use is always minimized” requires one solid universe at a time t propagating through a process of re-occurrence, in which the matter of the matrix forming the universe at point A is not the same matter forming it at point B.

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