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Learn how scientific theories are used as template models to infer new theories about the existence of spiritual life. Some outstanding bullet points include:

  1. Our universe is an equilibrium “bubble” of vibrations moving in a fabric of matter just as waves travel through a medium resembling the domino effect or a slower eddy moving on the rushing waters of a river.
  2. Each human being is made of a complex montage of different vibrational waves, so that the DNA of each individual has its own vibrational “fingerprint” frequency or natural “song”.
  3. There is a spirit body complimentary to the material body that matches the vibrational frequency of the material DNA or entire solid body.
  4. The spirit body is much more superior than the material body, as given by an analogy between a human being, the planet earth and its electromagnetic field.
  5. Spirits can group together in limited amounts, depending on their choice of behavior and believes. As an analogy to the way in which electrons occupy atomic orbitals, they appear to be moving around a powerful center point, like a tiny or micro nuclear material belonging to a superior entity.
  6. Spirits grouped together around micro centers, can further group together with others that are around other different micro centers. As an analogy to the overlap of atomic orbitals between different atoms responsible to make bonds to make molecules, spiritual connections of different centers give shapes and objects, which in turn give the overall shape of a macro spiritual world. This is the representation of the human race as a whole in the spiritual world.
  7. There is a matrix of matter or ether that builds solid universes in which spirits are allowed to manifest and interact through vibrational waves.
  8. Spirits can exist only in certain energy levels or worlds or universes, between which they can travel by receiving or releasing beams of energy that make them vibrate distinctly and thus be aware of different realities.
  9. There exists a universe called the continuum, where spirits are free from being bound to micro centers and free to move around into a continuum of energy levels that are no longer separated or confined by energy restrictions. This universe represents living in an infinite amount of worlds at the same time.
  10. There is a way to keep a record of every human action and belief, like a library, similar to the way in which humans store musical waves in CD’s and DVD’s. There may be the possibility that someone can play for you the “movie” of your life, evidence in favor or against your personal claims.
  11. The human race should be unified as one, and it should matter to me what you do in your private life, as well as it should matter to you what I do in my private life. This is so because we all present a unified spiritual picture in which everyone collaborates to form the view of the final shape of the entire human race.
  12. There is a way to become the ultimate terrorist by making and detonating the version of a spiritual nuclear bomb capable of “destroying” the spiritual world or at least sections of it, and all records of every action done throughout existence.
  13. There is a difference between material versus spiritual compensation.
  14. Do we each have a grave in another (previous) universe?
  15. Are we as spirits having a material experience borrowing this universe from somebody, an owner?
  16. There are ways to change settings in fundamental energies and science laws that allow to build other forms of life and universes or dimensions.
  17. Sleep and coma can be explained by “ethereal” states in which the mind lives in forbidden quantum states of the universe where no connection between spirit and material bodies can exist.
  18. Is the spirit energy coming from a common source for human beings in which each individual has freedom of choice of what to do with it?
  19. There is no possibility of traveling in time to change actions of the past or future. This is so because the only solid universe of reality is the one of the present time in order to obey the natural tendency of minimizing the use of energy, in this case, to build the whole material life. Likewise, there are not parallel universes representing copies of ourselves performing different actions or taking different decisions to those that we choose in this universe.
  20. Do we live inside of God so that we and the entire universe are made from parts of God and therefore, God is everywhere and cannot miss any single event in the universe?

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