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Sources of Confusion


Recently I shared with a friend The fact that some bible info has been translated into the wrong message from its original Hebrew language. David Bohm, a physics PhD who made a significant contribution in the 60-70’s, explains in his 1980’s book Wholeness and the Implicate Order that we cannot pretend understanding details of life and human affairs through little bits of information. This he calls fragmentation. Instead, you must considered all the aspects giving rise to an event to be able to make sense about it. One important aspect for the way of language communication is the word carrying the action. The meaning of the info changes if the priority is on the verbs than when it is on nouns. Dr. Bohm makes clear that trying to understand an individual claim through fragmentation will lead you into confusion. This effect manifest in the behavior of sub-atomic particles and finds analogy with the daily workings of human society.


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