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The Era Of Confusion


People preach, deny, investigate, cover up, argue about the existence of God, and even talk about aliens and UFO’s. However, no one can tell with certainty where we coming from before birth nor where we going to after death. In modern days it is very hard to determine which source of information is authentic or misleading, especially when arguments terminate in strong disagreements between extreme sides. It is a human right to know why, who, and what is behind life regardless of the consequences of the truth, because this may help finding a way in the darkness and perhaps ensuring a better quality of life in this and the next life. Hiding information that belongs to humanity should be considered a criminal act and the perpetrator should be merciless prosecuted with all the strength of the law. Believing through faith that there is a creator is totally different to finding scientific evidence. However, one can be in both sides because faith and science do not contradict each other as they are irresponsibly portrayed by disconnected and unfounded arguments. In my upcoming book you will see that the idea of the existence of a supreme power and fundamental science do complement each other. One problem is that we humans do not have or do not want to have eyes to see it.

 Einstein Quote: “The Real Problem Is in the Hearts of Men”. Reference: The New York Times Magazine. June, 1946.

 Many philosophers, scientists, and even prophets in the past, like in the era of the inquisition, found strong opposition against new thoughts whether by conflict of ideologies or by convenience.

Einstein Quote: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly”. Reference: Einstein letter to Morris Raphael Cohen. 1940.

 There is an incredible amount of fundamental knowledge about life and the entire universe that remains pathetically unknown despite the continuous increase in knowledge of modern technology. Certainly, the domain of science is huge, like for example medicine and electronics, which give the illusion that science appears to be infinite, driven by new discoveries. Science evolves and develops into new dimensions, each time amazingly more precise and accurate. However, no one knows fully understands matter, time, black holes, the Big Bang, nor anyone can proof beyond reasonable doubt that there is a superior intelligence (“God”).

Despite of the amazing discoveries of modern science made by well-paid scientists working on state-of-the-art laboratories with expensive instrumentation, I am a breed of non-paid scientist that goes back into basics to re-interpret fundamental laws from my home office with my cheap brain instrument. I work under the philosophy that there is undiscovered knowledge behind fundamental science published in the 1930’s to the 1960’s that can shed light into the confusion of the human kind about existence. I have focused my investigation efforts to re-study fundamentals in search for unclear arguments, flaws and re-interpretations of original scientific literature. I subscribe to a move called the “holistic view” in which all fields of science and knowledge are connected through a unified theory. Throughout my education, career, and current research interests, I have been through a 26 years journey inside chemistry, math, biology, psychology, and physics. I am witness of true order and intelligence encompassing all fields of natural sciences. This site is dedicated to expose science facts and its implications.



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