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The Newly-Proposed 4th Law of Thermodynamics


In the hypothesis in which every event in this universe occurs at a different energy level of the waveparticle time so that ΔE is negative, it was concluded that any new event has lower energy available to be recreated with further increased in entropy. This concept can be associated with the ubiquitous universal law of minimizing energy use implicitly present in the science fields of physics, chemistry and biology. For example, in the benzene ring, energy delocalization through resonance has the consequence of creating a hybrid structure in which energy from electron repulsion is minimized, so that the resulting structure is stable or energetically-favored under normal conditions. In science classes students are taught about many examples in which this natural tendency is sustained. Scientists are aware of this phenomenon despite of its implicit existence behind the laws of thermodynamics. It is very possible to cite a large number of examples to make the point of view stronger, however, I would like to limit to a few that demonstrate that the pattern repeats at higher levels of organization. In organic chemistry, there are many reactions that could be explained through several molecular mechanisms or pathways, however, nature prefers the one occurring through lower energy expenditure. In behavioral biology, animals prefer to make a threatening noise or fly away rather than spend lots of energy by engaging into fight. In human society, energy use is always minimized, especially when energy is translated into money. Since energy is tried to be minimized at all causes, regardless of the scale, then it is fair to claim that there should be an amendment to thermodynamics by calling the 4th law as follows: During any process, energy is always minimized.

Calling this implicit law an official law, would probably help moving forward from the little advancement that physics have seen since the contributions of past great scientists. For example, it would be possible to dismiss bizarre theories such as the parallel universes, which boldly extrapolates the duality of the wavefunction of particles into human existence (Wolf, 1988). In the parallel universe theory, there are versions of you and me going on with the lives consequence of the decisions that we did not choose in our universe, in which new universes sprout every time we take a particular choice. Based in this theory, the decision of undergoing heart beats to keep you alive in this universe has a counterpart parallel universe in which the decision is not undergoing heart beats, so that in that parallel universe you are dead. However, if energy has to be minimized, then creating universes every now and then to represent the lives of other versions, including the one dead, can be considered a reckless and forbidden expenditure of energy and thus a violation to the 4th law.

The HVB theory shares with the parallel universes theory that the duality of matter is a consequence of the quantum wavefunction. In both theories, the universes of our other versions are represented by distinctive wavefunctions. The total number of wavefunctions, or possibilities for a new outcome, tends to infinity because of the superpositions of individual harmonic wavefunctions called linear combinations of harmonic oscillations. In the HVB theory the waveforms of possibilities really exist in the delocalized world, representing the ways in which the matter of the matrix can be distorted into an outcome of an event. All is happening inside the time waveparticle energy level in which a particular event is manifesting. At the moment of taking a decision, all allowable waveforms are available to represent each possible outcome. Here, the selection for a waveform that represents a particular decision is carried out by another component of the superluminal energy identified with human consciousness and its freedom of choice. Whenever a decision is taken, all possible delocalized wavefunctions collapse into the wavefunction that represents the observable of the localized outcome. Once the outcome is consumed, a new lower time energy level is in charge of providing the set of delocalized wavefunctions that represent the new possibilities allowed for the next possible outcome, everything subjected to the condition of lower energy availability. In this way, energy is minimized and not recklessly wasted by multiplying the universe every now and then. In summary, all possible outcomes exist only in the delocalized universe before the decision is taken, whereas the chosen only exists as a hybrid of all choices in the localized universe, so that there is only one solid universe determining our present “reality”.


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